How did Hillary Clinton win popular vote, but lose election?

20 Novembre, 2016, 17:50 | Auteur: Stephane Girardot

How could this be?

In all, the Electoral College is composed of 538 electors. Punishments for becoming a faithless elector range from paying a fine to being replaced with an elector who will follow the rules.

But that's easier said than done since it would take a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College. Tell people often enough that "Crooked" Hillary Clinton is guilty of violating the law, and soon they are shouting "lock her up' and even hanging her in effigy - in spite of the fact that no charges have ever been filed against her. Tell people regularly that the electoral system is rigged and they come to accept that as fact, although incidences of widespread election irregularities have been nearly non-existent for decades".

The National Popular Vote bill creates a compact resulting from votes by individual state legislatures as each passes laws requiring its electors to the Electoral College to cast that state's votes to the victor of the national popular vote. Former primary contenders Ben Carson and Chris Christie served as advisers to Trump during the general election.

The number of electoral votes a state gets is based on the number of members of the U.S. House represent that state, which is determined by population, and based on members of the Senate. In 2012, he said the Electoral College was "a disaster for democracy". "Beginning in January, Republicans will add the White House to the branches of government under their control, providing the GOP with an opportunity to shift this image balance".

The answer to this question given by them, not by me, is a resounding "NO".

In fact, once you dump the Electoral College, why stop there?

But here's a little possible irony that you may wish to chew on.

From a strictly ideological standpoint, Hillary Clinton and the liberals lost the presidential election to Donald Trump and the conservatives by about 64,590,000 votes for Trump, libertarian Gary Johnson and the Utahan Evan McMullin, versus 61,620,000 votes for Hillary Clinton and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Thus, Clinton would get 80,000 votes in the first state plus 22,500 votes in each of the eight other states (or 180,000 in the eight), giving her a grand total of 260,000 popular votes nationwide.

The Electoral College system was created to ensure that presidents would have to receive support from a diverse array of people around the country.

The meeting of the electors is where they vote for president and vice president, and the counting of the electoral votes by Congress.

Davis said most of the emails she has received begin with the greeting "Dear Madam".

Pundits, looking sheepishly in the rear-view mirror, are right that this election was about more than candidates' squaring off with different approaches to policy but the same overall definition of a successful America.

Donald Trump won almost 60 more Electoral College votes than Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic presidential nominee's popular vote continues to advance over her opponent's as ballots pour in from the last few states to be counted, including Michigan, Washington and Utah. George W. Bush was the fourth in 2000.