German reporters win praise for tough questioning of Donald Trump

20 Mars, 2017, 13:06 | Auteur: Stephane Girardot
  • President Donald Trump meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Friday

Merkel maintained her composure when Trump repeated his contention that former President Barack Obama may have tapped his phones in Trump Tower.

On Saturday, Ivo Daalder, who was permanent representative to Nato from 2009 to 2013, respond to Trump in a series of tweets. He was responding to a question on wiretapping. The Republican president offered no evidence for the allegation, which an Obama spokesman said was "simply false".

"Nobody in Estonia wants to be left out in the cold because Germany doesn't spend enough money on defense", said Marcel Dirsus, a German security politics scholar, referring to fears of a Russian invasion in Estonia. Later, during a joint news conference, Trump pushed back against the notion in Europe that his "America First" agenda means he's an isolationist, calling such a suggestion "another example of, as you say, fake news".

Earlier this month, German FM Sigmar Gabriel also questioned the feasibility of NATO's spending quota's.

In brushing off the diplomatic row with one of America's closest allies, Mr Trump also revived another: the Obama administration's monitoring of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's calls. "And so, of course, the US has legally still a lot of power over Germany".

On the "Fox & Friends" program, Napolitano, a political commentator and former New Jersey judge, said that rather than ordering U.S. agencies to spy on Trump, Obama had obtained transcripts of Trump's conversations from GCHQ so there were "no American fingerprints" on it. "That is our task respectively".

"We are trying to address the areas where we disagree.and find a compromise".

"She could have made a case that Germany has actually been doing quite a lot for the US, sending German troops to fight in US wars abroad", Werner said.

In all fairness to both the leaders, it is unclear if President Trump was able to hear Chancellor Merkel amid all that cracking and shouting in a room filled with reporters and camera.

During the news conference, Trump predicted that a new health care law would be passed by a substantial margin and "pretty quickly", expressing optimism for his top legislative priority.

Prior to his inauguration, he declared NATO "obsolete" but has since modified his stance, telling European leaders the alliance remains of strategic importance. Trump said many countries owe "vast sums of money" but he declined to identify Germany as one of the nations. She moved her young family to Washington when her father took office and has emphasized an interest in working on economic policies that impact women and girls.

Asked whether the US would provide military defence to Baltic countries if Russia were to attack, Trump said: "If they fulfil their obligations to us, the answer is yes".

When the topic moved to trade, Trump said the U.S. would do "fantastically well" in its trade relations with Germany. Spicer and McMaster said that the press secretary was simply pointing to public reports and not endorsing any specific story, the official said.

According to a Western diplomat, Britain's ambassador to Washington, Kim Darroch, had told the White House Tuesday that Napolitano's assertions were not true.