Donald Trump warns North Korea that US is 'locked and loaded'

13 Août, 2017, 07:33 | Auteur: Edgar Lajoie
  • Trump Won't Stop Tweeting Us Closer to a Nuclear War

His remarks can also be taken to mean that Washington has set the North's new nuclear test and launch of medium- and long-range ballistic missiles as the red line for launching military action. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Friday his government would back the US if North Korea attacked.

North Korea raised hackles in the United States when it announced a detailed plan to send four missiles over Japan and towards Guam, an island territory in Pacific Ocean of some 165,000 people, where some 6,000 US soldiers are based.

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President Xi called on "relevant parties" to exercise restraint and avoid words and actions that would exacerbate tension, state TV reported, adding that it was in the interests of both China and the US to pursue the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. DPRK stands for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Have we gone past the point of talks?

Moscow said the exchange of threats between Washington and Pyongyang "worry us very much".

After Thursday's security briefing at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, President Donald Trump told reporters that perhaps his "fire and fury" admonishments to North Korea weren't "tough enough".

A White House statement said the US and China agreed North Korea must stop "provocative and escalatory behaviour".

"Let's see what he does with Guam", Trump told reporters, referring to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. As a precaution, Japan deployed missile defense batteries under the path a North Korean missile might take.

The UN Security Council at the weekend passed a new set of sanctions against Pyongyang over its weapons program, including bans on the export of coal, iron and iron ore, lead and lead ore as well as fish and seafood.

Guamanians are American citizens by birth but not allowed to vote in the American presidential election. State-run media ensures that the population gets the North Korean side of the story, but doesn't convey any sense of international concern about the situation. He appears to be pursuing a carrot-and-stick approach, hoping his sharp language, contrasted with more conciliatory words from his Cabinet, will cow Kim.

NukeMap says that if the U.S. 1,200 kiloton B-83 bomb, more than one million people would be killed and nearly 850,000 injured.

It added the relationship between Trump and Xi was "extremely close" and "will hopefully lead to a peaceful resolution of the North Korea problem".

"Let's see what he does with Guam".

Trump has not been deterred.