Canada could be getting a Toronto-Montreal Hyperloop route

15 Septembre, 2017, 21:06 | Auteur: Stephane Girardot
  • Hyperloop One picks 10 possible hyperloop routes around the world

Officials with Hyperloop One, a private effort first introduced by billionaire Elon Musk in 2013, placed the Florida route on a list of 10 that had cleared an initial proposal review.

"The excitement around Hyperloop is in its potential to reimagine transportation by eliminating the barriers of distance and time", Michael Burke, chairman and chief executive officer AECOM, said in a statement.

"We had tremendous interest in this competition, and these 10 teams each had their unique strengths in showcasing how they will alleviate serious transportation issues in their regions", Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd said.

A Hyperloop "allows for super-fast, ultra-high speed travel in a vacuum tube environment", said Dan Katz, Head of Policy at Hyperloop One. It would be split in two parts: 450 km over 27 minutes between Toronto and Ottawa, and 190 km over 12 minutes between Ottawa and Montreal. In Colorado, for example, the route announced Tuesday boasts a possible 9-minute zip from Denver to Colorado Springs.

Oh I-70, could your days of trying to kill drivers rushing to the slopes be limited?

The mind-bending possibility of riding a floating pod from Chicago to Pittsburgh in a half hour is a step closer to reality. India also has two promising routes between Bengaluru and Chennai, as well as Mumbai to Chennai.

Hyperloop One picks 10 possible hyperloop routes around the world
Canada could be getting a Toronto-Montreal Hyperloop route

More than 2,600 teams registered and in January the field was narrowed to the 35 strongest teams.

A panel of experts in infrastructure, technology and transportation, assessed the proposals and awarded ten teams from five countries from the hundreds of applicants as winners.

Pods would run through tubes, much like an above-ground subway system, and use magnetic levitation to glide at speeds faster than airlines due to extremely low aerodynamic drag inside the tube.

The California-headquartered company has announced 10 winners of its Hyperloop One Global Challenge, through which it sought to find teams that devise prototypes and feasible proposals of Hyperloop's high-speed transportation solution in their neighbourhood.

For those living in Mexico City and would like to travel all the way to Guadalajara at 330 miles, while those in the UK will be able to get to London from Edinburg with just 414 miles and Glasgow to Liverpool at 339 miles. "That half of the winning teams are supported by AECOM demonstrates the power of our connected expertise and is further evidence that these are the kinds of problems AECOM is built to take on and solve".