Something went 'incredibly wrong' with Las Vegas gunman, brother says

06 Octobre, 2017, 10:38 | Auteur: Stephane Girardot
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David Famiglietti of the New Frontier Armory told the BBC that Paddock had purchased firearms at his store in North Las Vegas in the spring of this year, meeting all state and federal requirements, including an FBI background check.

But the reports are not required if a gambler loses more than $10,000. "He sent his mother cookies", he said. "There is police everywhere and there are two helicopters flying overhead".

"For them, it's a quote-unquote 'freebie, ' in the sense that they get attention, and people talk about whether it's them".

The lineup for Route 91 Harvest was a who's who of country music talent: Eric Church.

"At the end of the day we arent Democrats or Republicans, Whites or Blacks, Men or Women", he added.

The mish-mash of media manipulation shows clips from Vegas and an old recording from ISIS pin-up boy Jihadi John, who was blasted off the face of the earth.

The intro riff to Aldean's "When She Says Baby" had just ended when the sound of automatic gunfire filled the air.

However, the shotgun and rifle Paddock bought would not have been "capable of what we've seen and heard in the video without modification", Mr Famiglietti said.

Several Arkansans were among the thousands on the Las Vegas strip when the gunfire broke out near the main stage of the country music festival.

The Tao Group, which owns the venue, announced the cancelation on Twitter.

Lombardo said Paddock had apparently used some kind of hammer to smash the window of his hotel room before opening fire on the concert crowd of some 22,000 people.

But even if I could snap my fingers and change the law, there would still be an estimated 300 million guns in the United States - roughly one per person. About two-thirds of those deaths would have been suicides; nearly all the rest, homicides - about 12,000 a year. "He lives in Mesquite, he went to the hotels, he gambled, he went to shows".

The parents learned their daughter and the friend she went to the festival with had escaped the shooting and hid inside a bathroom at the MGM Hotel until morning.

That came as a surprise to one of his former neighbors.

There is also the sense of being far from civilization. Their focus during these past two days has been a Republican proposal to make it easier for Americans to purchase gun silencers.

"The fact that he had the type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room, it was preplanned extensively", the sheriff said, "and I'm pretty sure he evaluated everything that he did and his actions, which is troublesome".

By Monday afternoon, 59 victims were dead and 527 injured in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said the shooting spanned between nine and 11 minutes.

Paddock was a frequent player "with the highest status" at Caesars Entertainment properties, a source familiar with the investigation told NBC News.

"People started grabbing their loved-ones and just strangers, and trying to help them get out of the way", Rodriguez said. "You could hear that the noise was coming from west of us, from Mandalay Bay". The team headed to the 32nd floor.

The Supreme Court has stated explicitly that reasonable gun-control measures are permissible under the Constitution. The authorities appealed for blood donors.

Who was Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter?

"I can't go into the mind of a psychopath", Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo said.

But he also might have suffered big losses during the same period.

Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who survived a shooting six years ago, called for political leaders in Washington to introduce tougher gun laws following the Las Vegas attack.